Kolibri KCD-1000 Counterfeit Detector

Kolibri KCD-1000 Counterfeit Detector


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The Kolibri KCD-1000 all-orientation money detector with Ultraviolet, Magnetic, and Infrared detection is perfect for small to medium-size businesses and restaurants. This lightweight, portable detector quickly detects counterfeit bills. In a fast, busy environment, the KCD-1000 takes the hassle out of having to align and adequately feed the bill with its All-Orientation Money Detection ability. In addition to the 4-way feed, the KCD – 1000 employs the latest counterfeit detection technology to scrutinize seven advanced security features built into today’s currencies: infrared ink, magnetic ink, metallic thread, color, size, thickness, and watermark. The best part about the KCD-1000 is that it requires no training! So forget your counterfeit pens and UV lights and upgrade to today to save your business time and “money” with the KCD-1000.

Acroprint BioLook Time & Attendance System

Acroprint BioLook Time & Attendance System

The time clock solution for your basic time and attendance needs. No software to install, no monthly subscription needed—everything can be done on the BioLook™ directly. A self-contained solution where everything is done right on the clock via facial recognition technology.

Easy Payroll Concise reporting gives you everything you need to collect time and attendance data for payroll directly from the time clock.

Sophisticated Time Keeping Easily track regular, overtime, and holiday hours for your employees directly on the time clock.

Formax Cut-True 31H Hydraulic Guillotine Cutter


MBM FC 10 Collator $6,799.00

MBM FC 10 Collator $6,799.00


Collates variety of paper stocks and weights at speeds up to 3,600 sets per hour with a 275 sheet bin capacity. Touch-button control panel with LED 4 digit counter simplifies set-up and operation. Programming modes include preset batch, insertion, and an alternate bin mode for continuous production. Adjustable stacking table for straight or criss-cross stacking with self-centering feed guides eliminate the need to reposition on-line bookletmakers for different size stock. Adjustable feed and separator pressures on each bin with “bin empty” sensors and extra large, detachable feed trays.

Email: jeff@absservices.com

Billcon DL-2000 Currency Discriminator

Billcon DL-2000 Currency Discriminator

Counts up to 6 currency at the same time. Full Infra-Red, UV, and Magnetic Sensors which improves Counterfeit Detection with state-of-the-art software and hardware.
Full color scanning technology with Contact Image Sensor which improves recognition and minimize rejects.

Email: jeff@absservices.com

ABS Sells Fort Bend County Twelve M1000L Open Plasma Ion Cluster Money Sterilizers.

ABS Sells Fort Bend County Twelve M1000L Open Plasma Ion Cluster Money Sterilizers.

These units will Sterilize the Money as it is being counted to reduce the risk of viruses such as Covid-19 being spread further.

The lifespan of various bills ranges 4 to 15 years according to the Federal Reserve, meaning your bills have a lot of time to accumulate germs.

Sterilization is the best option to prevent bacteria, germs, and viruses.

Currency and money counting machines are not the only items that can be sterilized; these Ion sterilizers can sterilize books, football helmets and most items depending on size.

TBS Safe Box XL Sterilization Machine

These safe boxes can be used in Banks, Credit Unions, Casinos, Coin Dealers, Exchanges, Jewelry Stores, Airports, Bus Stations, Hospitals, Rail Road Stations, CIT, Offices, and anywhere large amout of items need Sterilization. Sterilizes banknotes, coins, gold, mobile phones, shoes, clothing, and all kinds of organic – inorganic materials with up to a 99.99% success rate.

REVLAR Oval Floor Decals

REVLAR Oval Floor Decals

These non-slip floor decals allow you to incorporate your own designs and DIY floor signage with peace of mind. Use these decals to print your own floor graphics to encourage social distancing or communicate any message.

Removable – special adhesive binds to floor, but can be removed
Stays put – decals will adhere to various smooth surfaces, such as vinyl, wood, synthetic wood, carpet, ceramic tile or concrete
Non-slip – OSHA compliant, UL 410 certification

2 part floor decal kit includes:

Blank white 3 mil (248 gsm) PET laser printable floor decal
Clear overlaminate sheet
After printing, apply floor decal to floor, then apply overlaminate sheet on top
Available in three unique shapes and sizes
50 sets per case

Compatible with laser printers, UV inkjet and offset printers.

MClean 1000L Open Plasma Ion Cluster Money Sterilizer $1,612.00

MClean 1000L Open Plasma Ion Cluster Money Sterilizer

Bills have the environment for microorganisms to live in, furthermore our currency and other currencies around the world carry over 3,000 different types of germs such as virus, bacteria, general germs, mold, etc…

Studies suggest that paper bills can contain bacteria and viruses, plus lead to the spread of disease. The lifespan of various bills ranges four to 15 years, according to the Federal Reserve, meaning your bills have a lot of time to accumulate germs. And in China, where there are more than 80,500 cases of COVID-19, banks began disinfecting cash with ultraviolet treatments in February to prevent the further spread of the virus

These can be used anywhere Cash is accepted or counted such as Banks, Credit Unions, Casinos, Coin Dealers, Jewelry Stores, Churches, College Campuses, Convenience Stations, Gas Stations, Bingo Halls, Bus Stations, Airports, Rail Road Stations, Schools, Hospitals, Retail Stores, Wholesale Markets, Tattoo Parlors, Barber shops, Hair Salons, Dispensaries, etc..

Applications can also include Your Hands, Books, Cell Phones, Car Keys, Credit Cards, Wallets, Tools, Tennis Balls, Footballs, Basket Balls, Baseballs, Football Helmets, Baseball Gloves, Bank Drive Through Canisters, Etc…