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ABS goes Global!!


Expanding into International waters, ABS sold six (6) iHunter Currency Counters/Discriminators to The Windward Islands Bank Ltd. in St. Maarten today. Sighting iHunter quality to cost ratio and the unit’s ability to be networkable with accessory printers, The Windward Islands Bank’s decision was easily made.

ABS to Resell Lincsafe – Vault/Safe and Cash Management System


Cash as part of many retail payment transactions is a reality. Despite various technological developments, cash payments account for 78%* of retail transactions. At present experts expect cash to  remain  the  predominant method of payment. Cash payments are a major source of worry for retailers. Checking and counting of cash  monies takes time and is expensive. Moreover it can be unsafe due to the increased and high risk of robbery. On the other hand cash payment provides a consumer-friendly atmosphere. Consumers often like to pay cash and invariably have cash with them, as opposed to debit cards and credit cards which not everybody has. LINCSAFE is the perfect solution for creating a closed cash handling process (checking, counting and secure storage). Closed cash handling allows the efficient processing of cash monies while reducing the risk of (armed) robbery, burglary and (internal) theft. LINCSAFE helps you to offer a secure and consumer friendly shopping environment, whilst also saving you valuable time and money!

Lincsafe Pic

ABS installs 3 N-GENE currency counters at Fayette Savings Bank in La Grange, Texas!

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 WSaving time and money, Fayette Savings Bank upgrades their current currency counters with the new ABS state-of-the-art N-GENE currency counters.

ABS Installs 2 Glory/Talaris Note Counters at Houston Metro Transit Authority


Houston based Automated Business Systems installed 2 Talaris 8672 BankNote Counter 500s at the Houston Metro Transit Authority where they count millions of dollars of collected funds from the public use of bus, trams, trains and auto sectors. (1750 notes per minutes). Houston Metro is a long-term satisfied ABS client.

High Speed Currency Counter. Durable and Fast for Heavy Use Environments.

Talaris’ 8672 provides fast and accurate processing of currency and other documents, such as checks. With a choice of three throughput speeds, the 8672 adapts automatically to individual note characteristics to ensure more constant counting, and is ideal for high volume note processing environments.

Easy to Use The large LCD display and touch pad places the control of the machine at the operators fingertips. The wide document loading and removal trays allow notes and other securities to be input and removed quickly and easily.

Compact The8672 utilizes minimal counter space and fits into any currency processing environment. Because of its convenient size, the 8672 can be easily transported.

Multiple Functionality and Options Rogue note detection by height (SD) is standard. With note specific counterfeit detection options and three total levels the 8672 is suitable for use in cash centers, large retail operations and commercial deposit proofing and preparing centers.

Utilizing the optional RS232 serial port, the 8672 can interface to other cashsettlement systems and peripheral equipment, such as coin sorters,enabling complete cash reconciliation.