ABS installs Duplo 490P Cutter at King Tears Mortuary in Austin Texas

ABS installs Duplo 490P Cutter at King Tears Mortuary in Austin Texas

ABS installs Duplo 490P Cutter at King Tears Mortuary in Austin Texas

ABS at the TASBO (Texas Association of School Business Officials) 68th Annual Conference

ABS at the TASBO (Texas Association of School Business Officials) 68th Annual Conference

A.B.S. Finished install on interactive whiteboard at Farmers Insurance.


Mobile banking continues to gain momentum with young adults

mobile banking


Above is a link to an excellent video posted February 3, 2014, by Laura Robertson in “UTA News”, Department of Communication, The University of Arlington,  It really hits the spot in emphasizing the fact that more and more young adults do their banking by using their smart phone bank apps, as opposed to driving to the bank.

Some telling stats quoted by Laura are:

“By 2017, an estimated one billion people will use mobile banking.”

“1 in 3 18 to 35 year olds already use mobile banking today.”

If you are interested in learning about Malauzai Software mobile banking solutions designed for community banks and credit unions, contact Russ Ramirez at russ@absservices.com, ph. 800-374-9271, x-12.


ABS to Resell Lincsafe – Vault/Safe and Cash Management System


Cash as part of many retail payment transactions is a reality. Despite various technological developments, cash payments account for 78%* of retail transactions. At present experts expect cash to  remain  the  predominant method of payment. Cash payments are a major source of worry for retailers. Checking and counting of cash  monies takes time and is expensive. Moreover it can be unsafe due to the increased and high risk of robbery. On the other hand cash payment provides a consumer-friendly atmosphere. Consumers often like to pay cash and invariably have cash with them, as opposed to debit cards and credit cards which not everybody has. LINCSAFE is the perfect solution for creating a closed cash handling process (checking, counting and secure storage). Closed cash handling allows the efficient processing of cash monies while reducing the risk of (armed) robbery, burglary and (internal) theft. LINCSAFE helps you to offer a secure and consumer friendly shopping environment, whilst also saving you valuable time and money!

Lincsafe Pic


ABS will exhibit at TASBO Conference in Austin, Feb 25th & 26th

TASBO 2014 Conference

ABS will be exhibiting at the TASBO (Texas Association of School Business Officials) 68th Annual Conference at the Austin Convention Center, Tuesday, February 25th and Wednesday, February 26th.

Please stop by our booth #1046 and see what products and services we can provide you to automate your systems.

See what Automated Business Systems can offer you!!!

  • Outsourced Print-To-Mail for tax statements, postcards, letters, report cards, traffic violation notices, surveys and questionnaires, and many other applications
  • Commercial and full-color printing including Check stock, Report cards, newsletters, formal stationary, invitations, announcements, sporting event  tickets, etc.
  • eSignature system/service
  • Interactive Whiteboards – Panasonic Elite Panaboard
  • MICR Check Printing Software
  • Folding and Sealing Machines for Checks, W-2s, 1099s, Report Cards, and many other applications
  • Folder Inserters
  • Coin and Currency Counting Systems
  • Paper Shredders – Desk-side, Office, Departmental and Industrial Sized Shredders
  • Paper Cutters, Booklet Makers, Document Cutters/Creasers

 So stop by ABS’ booth #1046 and see what we can do for you.  When you stop by our booth, you can enter our drawing to win a free shredder!

We look forward to seeing you at the show!


Pinnacle Bank modernizes Treasury Management


Pinnacle Bank, NextGen Receivables

Pinnacle Bank modernizes Treasury Management with NextGen Receivables

During 2013, Pinnacle Bank identified a need to upgrade their lockbox system.  As a reseller partner of US Dataworks, ABS was able to help Pinnacle Bank quickly replace their aging legacy system with the Clearingworks NextGen Receivables solution.  Leilani Doyle of US Dataworks and Donna Webb of Pinnacle Bank conducted a webinar on Monday, January 27, 2014 describing the processes, considerations, challenges, and benefits of Pinnacle Bank’s conversion to the NextGen Receivables system.  Click on the link below for the webinar replay.




TECHMECCA 2014 on Monday and Tuesday at the Renaissance Austin Hotel was a success!  It was great to talk with all the Bank execs who stopped by our booth.  Networking with the various vendors was enjoyable and beneficial as well.  Thank you IBAT, Renaissance Austin Hotel, and the City of Austin!

How easy is Mobile Deposit Capture?

mobile deposit capture

Mobile deposit Capture

How easy is Mobile Deposit Capture?  So easy that I just deposited 2 checks in under 2 minutes while drinking coffee in my kitchen!  This is not the wave of the future…this is now!  More and more consumers are expecting their banks and credit unions to provide mobile deposit capture.  If you are a bank or CU exec and would like more information on mobile deposit capture, including the cost of adding this as a service, please contact me at russ@absservices.com or call 210-708-5890.


How mail outsourcing can cut postage costs: Eliminate addtl oz surcharge

OK, the new 2014 postage increase has now taken effect. If you are looking for a way to offset the postage hike, you may want to consider outsourcing the printing, folding, inserting and postal presorting of your mailings to cut your postage costs.  Here’s how:

If you do not currently presort your first class mail, and some of your mail pieces weigh more than one ounce each, you can eliminate the additional oz surcharge and save 21 cents PER MAIL PIECE by outsourcing your mailing to a company that can handle the printing, folding, inserting, metering and postal presort processing for you.  This is because the postal service charges a 21 cent per piece surcharge for each additional ounce of stamped/metered first class mail that is not presorted. However, if you outsource the mailing, and it is presorted, the 21 cents additional ounce charge does not apply.

Below is a table which illustrates potential savings, based upon various mailing volumes.

mail outsourcing postage savings

As you can see, the postage savings can be significant!…You can save over $1,000 on a mailing of 5,000 pieces, and for a mailing of 50,000 pieces, you can save a whopping $10,500!

Stayed tuned….I will post additional articles on ways outsourcing can reduce your postage costs.