iOS vs Android in mobile banking

According Phillip Ryan’s October 17, 2o13 article in Bank Innovation “Google’s Android platform may be growing faster than Apple’s iOS across the globe, but iOS is still a friendlier platform to bankers and marketers.  Phillip goes on to say “In the area of person-to-person payments and bill payment, the value of money moved is 80% higher for iOS users than Android users. IOS users also hold greater account balances than their Android counterparts.

Interesting information to know for Bank and Credit Union execs who are responsible for their institutions electronic delivery channel.  You know what they say…KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS BETTER, SO YOU CAN SERVE THEM BETTER.

I recently switched from an Android (Samsung Note) phone to an iOS (Apple 5) phone.  I had never used an Apple device before, other than an iPod…But I must say, it does seem “friendlier”, as Phillip states.

If you are a bank or credit union exec interested in learning more about mobile banking for your institution, please contact me at or call me at 210-708-5890.  Thanks!


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