How easy is Mobile Deposit Capture?

mobile deposit capture

Mobile deposit Capture

How easy is Mobile Deposit Capture?  So easy that I just deposited 2 checks in under 2 minutes while drinking coffee in my kitchen!  This is not the wave of the future…this is now!  More and more consumers are expecting their banks and credit unions to provide mobile deposit capture.  If you are a bank or CU exec and would like more information on mobile deposit capture, including the cost of adding this as a service, please contact me at or call 210-708-5890.


How mail outsourcing can cut postage costs: Eliminate addtl oz surcharge

OK, the new 2014 postage increase has now taken effect. If you are looking for a way to offset the postage hike, you may want to consider outsourcing the printing, folding, inserting and postal presorting of your mailings to cut your postage costs.  Here’s how:

If you do not currently presort your first class mail, and some of your mail pieces weigh more than one ounce each, you can eliminate the additional oz surcharge and save 21 cents PER MAIL PIECE by outsourcing your mailing to a company that can handle the printing, folding, inserting, metering and postal presort processing for you.  This is because the postal service charges a 21 cent per piece surcharge for each additional ounce of stamped/metered first class mail that is not presorted. However, if you outsource the mailing, and it is presorted, the 21 cents additional ounce charge does not apply.

Below is a table which illustrates potential savings, based upon various mailing volumes.

mail outsourcing postage savings

As you can see, the postage savings can be significant!…You can save over $1,000 on a mailing of 5,000 pieces, and for a mailing of 50,000 pieces, you can save a whopping $10,500!

Stayed tuned….I will post additional articles on ways outsourcing can reduce your postage costs.

Maharashtra, India


January 8 – 19


Lauren Wilkerson took a mission trip to Maharashtra, India, with e3 Partners Ministry.


Maharashtra is the second most populous state and third largest state by area in India. Its coastline is 330 miles (530 km) long along the Arabian Sea. Rice is the dominant crop of the state, but cashews, mangoes, vegetable cotton, oilseeds, and tobacco are also important.

During this time they shared God’s love through administering medical treatments, teaching about hygiene, and witnessing through home to home evangelism, children’s ministry, and discipleship with the goal of starting house churches.

Each day they evangelized with a translator and Indian Christian, who continues to disciple the new believers. Their focus continues to be to equipping new believers to evangelize in their communities and establish new churches.

The official language is Marathi. While Hindi is recognized as an additional language of Maharashtra. Marathi and Hindi are mostly understood all over the state. But different regions have their own dialects.

eSignature for Real Estate Agents

Below is a great blog article posted yesterday on our alliance partner, DocuSign’s blog .  The article was written by Howard Berg of DocuSign, with contributing author Raj Qsar, Principal/Owner of The Boutique Real Estate Group.  I believe that what is really important about the message is this:  It tells you what the buyer/user of the DocuSign eSignature software thinks of it, and how it has helped him better serve his customers.  Thank you Howard and Raj for this insightful article!

Posted by Howard Berg, January 14, 2014

Real Estate + Technology. Not really two words that go hand in hand. Two words that usually do not embrace each other. Two words that scare off the most seasoned real estate professional.

Our story goes a little something like this: We love tech. We love real estate. So why not marry the two? Why not have a “forever relationship” with these two words? Why not incorporate technology into every aspect of the real estate experience? Our clients do not need to be tech savvy to use these products, but our agents need to understand how this technology is a benefit.

We have embraced every aspect of technology at The Boutique Real Estate Group here in Orange County, California, and we feel we have successfully digitized the real estate experience for our clientele. Most of our clients are finding us online. Most of our clients are seeing our listings online. So, it only makes sense that we need technology for real estate to survive. If our clients have instant access to data on their mobile devices, so should our agents. Everyone is head down and focused on their phones and tablets. Everyone is in the moment, and we are now able to step into that moment and grab his or her attention.

You won’t find our clients running to a fax machine to fax something to us. We don’t ask our clients to print, fill out, scan, and then save and email anything to us. It’s not how we roll. We sign digitally with DocuSign. Got mobile? No problem. Got a tablet? No problem. DocuSign allows our clients to sign on the go with ease from any device they carry.


Furthermore, our in-transaction platform of choice is Cartavi, which seamlessly has integrated the DocuSign platform for electronic signatures. Our agents have their own personal Transaction Concierge (TC) who is trained on DocuSign and Cartavi. It only makes sense to be able to store our clients’ documents digitally, have access to them on our mobile devices, and then share the documents with all parties involved in the transaction. Our agents and TCs not only communicate digitally via DocuSign and Caravi, but we are able to manage the most complicated of transactions with these two platforms. No more emailing huge files between escrow, lenders, title, buyers, sellers, and agents. We share our files through Cartavi.

Several members of our team are heading to Inman Real Estate Connect NYC this week. This gathering is tech real estate heaven! If you’re looking for the best and the brightest in our industry, then Connect is where you should be.

Have a question for Raj and team? Contact them here: | @RajQsar |@TheBoutiqueRE


ABS installs 3 N-GENE currency counters at Fayette Savings Bank in La Grange, Texas!

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 WSaving time and money, Fayette Savings Bank upgrades their current currency counters with the new ABS state-of-the-art N-GENE currency counters.

Pinnacle Bank Updates Legacy Lockbox Solution with NextGen Receivables

ABS and US Dataworks welcome Pinnacle Bank as a new client using the Clearingworks NextGen Receivables Solution.  Pinnacle needed a simple solution to automate the processing of mailed-in lockbox payments for their utility, healthcare and other business clients. Pinnacle was struggling to keep up with their growth as their legacy system required data entry for almost every payment that was received. Using the US Dataworks cloud-based NextGen Receivables Solution, Pinnacle Bank upgraded their legacy Lockbox system in a couple of weeks and eliminated 80% of their data entry effort.

Anakara Littles, Payment Specialist at US Dataworks stated, “Pinnacle Bank was a natural fit for the Clearingworks – NextGen Receivables Solution.  Our cloud solution eliminated the need to purchase software, and Pinnacle was able to use their existing Canon check-scanning equipment.  Implementation, training and onboarding was complete in under a month.”

Pinnacle Bank’s need to upgrade their lockbox system was identified by ABS, a reseller partner of US Dataworks, ABS was able to help Pinnacle Bank quickly replace their aging legacy system with the Clearingworks – NextGen receivables solution.

Pinnacle Bank has now leap-frogged other banks in the Georgia area and can continue to expand their services offered in the healthcare and utility space, as well as servicing other business clients.

Source:  US Dataworks Dec 30, 2103 blog post