Automated Business Systems Teams Up with DocuSign to Offer Customers the Fastest, Easiest, Most Secure Way to Send, Sign, Track and Store Documents in the Cloud


Houston, TX –November 26, 2013  –  Automated Business Systems, Houston, TX (“ABS”) announced it has teamed up with DocuSign, The Global Standard for eSignature®.  Together, ABS and DocuSign are helping customers achieve the benefits of digital business – including faster speed to results, lower costs, and a better customer experience

“As the trusted worldwide leader in electronic signature, DocuSign is a tremendous opportunity for our customers,” said Russ Ramirez, Senior Vice President, Output Solutions at ABS. “Electronic signature capabilities have become a ‘must-have’ for businesses who want to remain competitive, and DocuSign’s secure, cloud-based solution works exceptionally well among our offerings.”

By leveraging the DocuSign Cloud Partner Program, ABS customers can:

  • Realize revenue faster – The signing process for contracts takes just minutes with DocuSign.
  • Improve sales rep productivity – With DocuSign, sales reps can focus on selling instead of moving paperwork.
  • Automate back-end document processing – By integrating with existing systems, DocuSign provides automated updates, eliminating the need for rekeying of data.
  • Enhance company reputation and service – DocuSigning offers customers, partners and vendors new convenience with the ability to sign anything, anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Save staff time and reduce operating costs – Because using DocuSign means less paper to process and data to update, companies save time and money.


“ABS and DocuSign work together to help customers keep business digital from start to finish,” said Neil Hudspith, chief revenue officer, DocuSign. “By using DocuSign, the business benefits from a valuable solution to increase productivity, eliminate slow and wasteful paper-based processes, reduce costs, and delight customers.”


Companies interested in learning how ABS and DocuSign work together may find more information at



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About DocuSign Inc.

DocuSign®, The Global Standard for eSignature®, is the leader in eSignature transaction management. Global enterprises, business departments, individual professionals, and consumers are standardizing on DocuSign, with more than 60,000 new users joining the DocuSign Global Network every day. DocuSign is used to accelerate transaction times to increase speed to results, reduce costs, and delight customers across nearly every industry – from financial services, insurance, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, communications, property management and consumer goods, to higher education and others. For more information, visit or call 877.720.2040. Visit the DocuSign blog at and follow DocuSign on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


About Automated Business System, Inc.

Automated Business Systems (“ABS”) is a customer focused industry leader offering specialized equipment and machines to the banking, government, utility, healthcare, retail, educational and other industries.  Since 1983, our company motto has been “SERVICE FIRST” and we stand by it to this day.  Through our complementary Best In Class channel partners, ABS Output Solutions provides eSignature service, outsourced statement/bill printing and mailing, eStatements, electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP), remote and mobile deposit capture, lockbox services, and mobile banking.  For more information, visit or call 800.374.9271.  Visit the ABS blog at and follow ABS on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

ABS Installs 2 Glory/Talaris Note Counters at Houston Metro Transit Authority


Houston based Automated Business Systems installed 2 Talaris 8672 BankNote Counter 500s at the Houston Metro Transit Authority where they count millions of dollars of collected funds from the public use of bus, trams, trains and auto sectors. (1750 notes per minutes). Houston Metro is a long-term satisfied ABS client.

High Speed Currency Counter. Durable and Fast for Heavy Use Environments.

Talaris’ 8672 provides fast and accurate processing of currency and other documents, such as checks. With a choice of three throughput speeds, the 8672 adapts automatically to individual note characteristics to ensure more constant counting, and is ideal for high volume note processing environments.

Easy to Use The large LCD display and touch pad places the control of the machine at the operators fingertips. The wide document loading and removal trays allow notes and other securities to be input and removed quickly and easily.

Compact The8672 utilizes minimal counter space and fits into any currency processing environment. Because of its convenient size, the 8672 can be easily transported.

Multiple Functionality and Options Rogue note detection by height (SD) is standard. With note specific counterfeit detection options and three total levels the 8672 is suitable for use in cash centers, large retail operations and commercial deposit proofing and preparing centers.

Utilizing the optional RS232 serial port, the 8672 can interface to other cashsettlement systems and peripheral equipment, such as coin sorters,enabling complete cash reconciliation.

What is the difference between Wholesale Lockbox and Retail Lockbox?


Wholesale Lockbox generally includes non-machineable document(s) in the mail-piece, such an 8½” x 11″ or  8½” x 14″ document as the remittance advice, along with a check.  The payments may also be categorized as high dollar, low volume transactions. In many cases, there is a need for data entry (keying invoice numbers, check number, payee, etc.) and other special instructions.

Retail Lockbox services are typically low dollar, high volume, and include a check and a remit advice/remit stub which can be processed/captured in an automated process by a machine (commonly called a transport).  Examples of typical retail Lockbox documents are loan payments, credit card bills, utility and cable bills.

Based upon industry average:

– Approximately 80% of total dollar volume is Wholesale Lockbox processed, and 20% total dollar volume is Retail Lockbox processed

-Conversely, approximately 20% of the remit transaction volume is wholesale processed and 80% retail processed.

If a Bank is focused on asset based lending, then for those commercial clients, their loan payments would be processed via Wholesale Lockbox services.  Generally, all the loan payments received from the bank’s commercial customers/merchants (i.e. dentists, physicians, optometrists, vets, property management companies, funeral homes) would be processed via Wholesale Lockbox.  However, the payments received from the merchants’ customers (i.e. bill payments to a dental practice), would either be wholesale or retail, depending upon physical characteristics of the check/remit in the mail-pieces.  As indicated above, approximately 80% mail-piece volume of merchant payments received are retail.

How much can I save on postage by using outsourced statement printing and mailing?

If you are not currently postal pre-sorting your statement mailing for postage discounts, you can save an average of 16%  – 17% of your postage costs by outsourcing your statement printing and mailing.  Depending upon your mailing volumes, you total monthly savings will vary.  I have included below a table, which shows the monthly savings for various volumes:

Postage savings from statement outsourcing


As you can see, the potential postage savings are substantial.  For example, if you are mailing 10,000 statements per month, your savings will be $760 each month.  If you are mailing 50,000 statements per month, your savings will be $3.800 per month.

And your savings will be much higher for your statement mail-pieces that weigh between 1 and 2 ounces.  This is because you pay $0.20 postage for the additional ounce if you mail it yourself, but you pay $0.00 for the additional ounce if you outsource the printing/mailing to a vendor that processes mail for “Automation Rate” discounts.

If you are interested in learning more about how outsourcing your print/mail operations can reduce your postage costs, please contact Russ Ramirez or call me directly at my cellphone number 210-708-5890.





Any type of business is at risk whenever documents are thrown in the trash.

These are some vertical markets and applications:

ACCOUNTING  Profit & Loss statements * financial statements * customer accounts * tax records * invoices * audits * checks * letters of credit * delinquent accounts * data processing * worksheets

ADVERTISING  Mailing lists * contracts * photographs * proofs * copy schedules * media information * membership lists * financial reports * credit reports * legal files * statistical data * customer profile information * media plans * news clips * membership applications * charts

BANKING/FINANCE  Signature cards * cancelled checks * financial statements * credit applications and reports * mortgage papers * statements of account * trust agreements * cashier checks * wills * deeds * microfilmed records * delinquent files * certificates of title * mortgage information * payment records * promissory notes * wages assignments * credit cards

CONTRACTORS/ENGINEERING  Specifications * drawings, plans and blueprints * bids * estimates and proposals * contracts * agreements * cost reports * proposals * surveys * price lists * correspondence * codes * bills * receipts * abstracts * reports * research  * regulations and codes

EDUCATION  Transcripts of credit * student and teacher confidential information * teacher records * office records *research material * report cards * teacher contracts * applications * tests * correspondence * bills * receipts

EXECUTIVE  Confidential documents * correspondence * contracts * executive reports * financial records * labor negotiations * charts and graphs * meeting proceedings * committee reports * periodicals

GOVERNMENT AGENCIES/DEPARTMENTS: City, State, Federal  Classified information * social security information * citizenship records * licenses * directives * administrative records * legislative reports * personnel records * investigative reports * internal communications * birth and death records * contracts * bids

INSURANCE/INVESTMENT Confidential customer information *claim files * medical reports * rate tables * accident reports * actuarial data * proof of loss * premium records * applications * credit reports * agency contracts * dividend reports * financial reports * account records * ledger sheets * audits * trusts * financial statements * prospectus * stock certificates * surveys * trend reports * legal opinions * company profiles

  LABOR UNIONS  Membership lists * dues receipts * grievances * contracts * labor legislation * insurance and pension records * negotiations * proceedings * expense reports * financial statements  * audits * agreements

LEGAL  Medical and accident reports * pleadings * confidential papers * testimonies * courtroom exhibits * proceedings * wills * trusts * receipts * client’s records * affidavits *deeds * briefs * statements * decisions * letters * bills

LIBRARIES  Archival documents * technical research data * diagrams * biographical abstracts * manuscripts * charts * microfilmed records * bibliographies * book pages * scientific articles *clerical

MANUFACTURERS/PRODUCTION  Invoices * requisitions * financial statements * orders * contracts * inventories * sales records * research * bids * schedules * production reports * releases  * specifications * production layouts * test data * status of materials * production processes

MEDICAL  HIPPA and FACTA compliance *electrocardiograms * accident reports * x-rays * autopsies * pharmacy documents * laboratory reports * statements * clinical reports * medical histories * bills * personnel records

PERSONNEL/HUMAN RESOURCES  Payroll records * employment applications * references * time cards * insurance records * investigation reports * performance reviews * educational reports * compensation claims * health records * transfers * accident reports

PUBLIC SAFETY AGENCIES  Police departments * Correctional facilities: jails and prisons * Dept of Motor Vehicles * Border Control * Homeland security * Defense & Intelligence * Attorneys General * Regulatory and Administration * Tax and Revenue

PURCHASING/CLERICAL  Quotations * bids * requisitions * acknowledgements * estimates *orders * contracts * invoices * delivery receipts * correspondence * freight bills * specifications * credit card information and statements

SALES  Market data * account records * commission statements * profit reports * expense reports * territory maps * competitive information * sales reports * data processing * contracts * profit analysis *customer price lists * forecasting reports * inquiries *

TRANSPORTATION  Flight records * regulations * tariffs * claims * manifests * insurance records * accident reports * maps * technical data * service reports * traffic reports * freight bills * licenses

UTILITIES  Surveys * plans * cable records * circuitry transmission reports * technical data * service reports * load records * generating records * installation and repair bills * audits * legal documents * maps

iOS vs Android in mobile banking

According Phillip Ryan’s October 17, 2o13 article in Bank Innovation “Google’s Android platform may be growing faster than Apple’s iOS across the globe, but iOS is still a friendlier platform to bankers and marketers.  Phillip goes on to say “In the area of person-to-person payments and bill payment, the value of money moved is 80% higher for iOS users than Android users. IOS users also hold greater account balances than their Android counterparts.

Interesting information to know for Bank and Credit Union execs who are responsible for their institutions electronic delivery channel.  You know what they say…KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS BETTER, SO YOU CAN SERVE THEM BETTER.

I recently switched from an Android (Samsung Note) phone to an iOS (Apple 5) phone.  I had never used an Apple device before, other than an iPod…But I must say, it does seem “friendlier”, as Phillip states.

If you are a bank or credit union exec interested in learning more about mobile banking for your institution, please contact me at or call me at 210-708-5890.  Thanks!


Is Mobile Deposit Capture easy?


It sure is.  I just deposited a check using my iPhone. Wow it was easy. It took about a minute….and saved me the time, gas, and hassle of driving to the bank or credit union, filling out the deposit slip, standing in line….OK, I am sure you get the picture….Yea..I might have gotten a free piece of candy or cup of coffee at the bank, but that’s OK, I am good. I saved a lot of my time, so I can get the long list of things done which I need to do today. Thank you My CU/Bank, for providing me this free service!

What I just did and described is a typical happy customer/member experience that is being provided right now, all around the world today by thousands of banks and credit unions. It’s made possible by using mobile deposit capture, which works using Smart Phones. More and more bank/credit union customers are using…or demanding the convenience of mobile deposit capture. If you work at a bank or credit union….are you providing this service to your customers/members?

If you are interested in learning more about mobile deposit capture, please contact me at or call me at 210-708-5890.  Thanks!

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